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Better Scans - Original Folders (not copies) - Lower Cost

The Schematic Man is your source for high resolution Photofact service manual downloads and original Photofact folders via U.S. Mail at reasonable prices. The site proffesional service companies use for vintage Photofacts.

This site is owned and operated by myself, Steve Johnson. I have been a collector of antique radios and early test equipment for over 40 years. During this time I have put together a large library of Photofact service folders, factory service manuals, and schematics for antique and vintage radios and related test equipment. For several years I have provided service manuals and schematics to other collectors, service shops, and equipment restorers. I created "The Schematic Man" web site to provide Photofact folders in clear, downloadable PDF files (Free Sample) and provide original Photofact service folders (not copies) via U.S. Mail at a reasonable cost.

Photofact service folders Publishing for Photofact radio service files begain after World War II. Soon after they began to offer service folders for many other types of electronic equipment. Photofact service folders are widely recognized as one of the best sources of service information available for consumer electronics. Please note that this site is not affiliated in any way with the original or current publiaher.

I stock thousands of Photofact folders from 1946 through 1985 covering radios, record players, amplifiers, recorders, and TVs. I provide individually digitized, high resolution, printable files for downloading - Samples. You may easily find the correct Photofact set and folder number for your pre 1964 model or chassis using the Alphabetical Index. Both downloads and original folders by mail are provided. Free shipping is provided within the United States. Shipping to Canada is also available. Downloads are available worldwide.

Secure On-Line Payments with PayPal Ordering a service folder on-line is quick and easy. Select your set and folder number in the drop down list on one of the order pages and pay on line using any major credit card, eCheck, or PayPal. No need to waste time mailing a check or money order (but you can if you want, contact me for details). You do not need a PayPal account to pay with a charge card. All on-line payments are processed securely through PayPal. I don't receive (or want) any of your credit card information.

If you order a "Instant Download" you will recive an email (usually within muinutes) with the links to download your Photofacts. If you placed your order from the "Drop Down List", you will receive an email usually within one to two business days with a link to download your file. If you order an original Photofact folder it is sent via U.S. Mail within the United States. Sorry, no international shipping.

Adobe PDF FormatAll files purchased here for download are in PDF format and are individually scanned in high resolution. This helps to make sure you receive a readable file. You can rotate and zoom in to a PDF file for clearer viewing or print out the schematic or any pages on your printer using a PDF reader. If you don't already have a PDF reader on your computer (most already do) you can download it from Adobe here free.
There are several other free PDF readers available on-line. Here's another: Foxit Reader

High resolution (Sample) downloadable service files are available for most Photofact folders published up to Set # 671 (excluding TV folders). Most customers prefer the download PDF versions as they cost less, are available faster, and can be viewed and printed on your computer. Note that due to Copyright laws, I do not provide downloads of Photofact folders published after 1963 (Set # 672 and higher). However, I do provide the original service folders as well as TV folders and any others in my inventory via U.S. Mail from 1946 through 1985.

Since I purchase original folders in large quantities, I can provide original Photofact folders at a much lower cost. I keep an inventory of around 350,000 original Photofacts in stock. I am constantly replenishing my stock of Photofact folders and AR service manuals for auto radios, TSM service manuals for transistor radios, CB radio service manuals, and others. Although most are used, they are generally in good to like new condition and usable for service and restoration. If condition is critical, contact me and I will be happy to check the condition and what service information it contains for you before you purchase it.

AR and TSM Service Manuals You can now order original printed manuals for servicing Auto Radios (AR series service manuals), Transistor Radios (TSM series service manuals) as well as CB radio, tape recorder, scanner, and VCR manuals from my library and inventory. These are the original service manuals (not copies) that were published several times per year. Each manual contains service information and schematics for many models. These original manuals are also shipped free via U.S. Mail within the United States and Canada. Sorry, no international shipping.

I also stock original factory service manuals published by many early radio manufacturers for their service shops, and schematics supplied by other service manual publishers for antique tube radios and vintage transistor radios manufactured from the 1920s through the 1960s. These factory service manuals are available through my antique radio schematics web site at For Classic car restorers I provide additional auto radio schematics going as far back as the 1920s. These may be purchased at

If your manufacturer or model is not listed here or at one of my other sites, contact me. I have over 500,000 radio schematics and service manuals in my inventory from many sources for antique and vintage U.S. and Canadian radios, record players and changers, tape recorders, tube amplifiers, and more.

Digital files purchased here are for use by the original purchaser only and may not be redistributed or resold. Downloads are not refundable once download email is sent. If you make a mistake or have additional questions I will work with you to help you get the right file. By purchaseing these files you agree to these terms.

Important: This site is owned and run by Steve Johnson. Please make sure your email spam filter will not block email from the domain name Contact me if you have questions, or reply to the email with the download link you receive if you have any problems downloading your file.

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