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Original Photofact Service Manuals by U.S. Mail.
Not Copies - Don't settle for anything less than a original!

* Free shipping when ordering five or more folders (contact me first). All originals are now sent U.S. Priority Mail. A priority mail charge of $9.90 will be added for each Photofact at checkout. Contact me first if ordering multiple folders and I will email an invoice you can click on to make your purchase at a discounted Priority mailing rate so you are not paying $9.90 each for additional Photofacts.
Typical mailing days are mornings, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays depending on Holidays and weather.    Sorry, no Canadian or International shipping.

Select Set and Folder Number:
NOTE: I stock over 300,000 original folders from 1946 through
1970. If the folder you need is not listed contact me.
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Free Priority Shipping
*Free Priority Shipping offer above applies to single U.S. orders only. You must contact me before ordering and I will email invoice.

NOTE: I stock over 300,000 original Photofacts covering radios, TVs, record players, tape recorders, and amplifiers manufactured and sold in the U.S. from 1946 through 1970. Contact me for availability if your folder is not listed above.

INSTRUCTIONS:     To order a Photofact you will need the Photofact Set # and the Folder # listed in the Index for your model. If you already know the Photofact set and folder #, select it in the drop-down list above and click the "Add To Cart" button. If you don't know the set and folder # for your model you can find it using the manufacturers index. Note that record changers typically have their own folder.

Order Processing:    Original Photofact folder orders are typically processed and mailed within 1 to 2 business days. Shipping of folders is via U.S. Mail and free** (see Covid note above) within the United States and Canada. Photofacts are sent in 9"x12" envelopes or flat cardboard shipping containers to help prevent folding. Plastic sleeves are used to help prevent water damage. Sorry, U.S. and Canadian Shipping only, no international shipping. You can add package tracking to your U.S. order by clicking the "Add Priority Shipping" button above. You will then receive a USPS Tracking/Confirmation number and a notice via email that your order has shipped. N.Y. residents ordering originals by mail will be charged sales tax at check out.

Condition:    All folders are originals. I do not sell copies. Some originals may be discolored as they are 40 to 60+ years old. Many are from binders so edges and binding holes may be frayed, or discolored. Some my be slightly soiled from use in the past or have notes written in margins. All folders are original and useable for service. Contact me if condition is critical and I will check the condition of any particular folder for you before you place your order.

I am no longer making several trips each week to the post office and there is no free shipping unless ordering five or more folders and contacting me first so I can email you an invoice you can click on to pay for your order. Originals are still available via US Mail but may take 2 - 3 business days for the USPS to pick up here at my home office. All Photofacts will now be sent Priority Mail until further notice. A priority mail charge of $9.90 will be added to each Photofact ordered.

* PLEASE NOTE:    These are original Photofact folders, not copies. Quantities are limited but I am constantly replenishing my inventory. These folders are mostly used and have been acquired from many sources including closed service shops, libraries, estates, etc. Please do not order multiple folders of the same number without contacting me first to check availability.

NOTE: Folders marked "Servicer" or sets marked with an A (example: 97A) are generally schematics only and do not contain photos or other service data typically found in a full Photofact.

I now stock over 300,000 original Photofact service folders and Softcover Service Books for vintage radios, TVs, and related equipment (record players, tape recorders, etc.) published from 1946 through 1970. Original folders are available here via U.S. Mail.   Downloads of folders in in PDF format are also available from sets 1 through 671 (1946-1963) excluding some TV folders. If you don't see your set and folder listed contact me for availability. I also have a large library of original Factory Service Manuals for antique radios, record players, and auto radios ranging from the 1920s through the 1960s. These are available at and

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